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Intake / Carburetor / Air Filter

Intake / Carburetor / Air Filter
Brand: Keihin Carburetors Model: SD0191
Keihin PWK 28 MainSizes                Part# 115               SD019115 120         &..
Keihin PWK 28 Needle
Brand: Yamaha Model: 5PA-14916-OPTION
Keihin PWK 28 Needle  Size                  Part#NWHE           5PA-14916-HE-00NWHF           5PA-14916-HF-00NWHG&n..
Brand: Keihin Carburetors Model: SD0190
Keihin PWK 28mm Pilot Jet Size               Part ##40            SD019007#42            SD019008 #45            SD019009 #48          &nb..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-YZ6585-PRK
YZ65 / YZ85 Pax Racing Reed SetYears          Model2018+          65cc2019+          85ccPart #PAX-YZ6585-PRK..
Brand: Yamaha Model: BR8-14101-03-00
YZ 65 Carburetor PWK 28mmYears2018+Part #BR8-14101-03-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: BR8-26311-00-00
YZ65 Throttle Cable Years2018+Part #BR8-26311-00-00..
YZ65 / YZ85 Keihin PWK 28  Float Bowl Oring 2018+
Brand: Yamaha Model: 5PA-14984-00-00
YZ65 / YZ85 Keihin PWK 28  Float Bowl Oring 2018+Part #5PA-14984-00-00..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-YZ65-AF
YZ65 Pax Racing Air FilterYears2018+..
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