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Intake / Carburetor / Air Filter

Brand: KTM Model: 46302091000
KTM 65 Throttle Cable 2021-2022..
Brand: Mikuni Model: 832-30005
Mikuni TM 24 Slide size 3.0..
Brand: Mikuni Model: MK-TM24-12
Mikuni TM24 Carburetor Rebuild Kit - KTM 65 - 2009-2022..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KTM5065-PRK/15
KTM 50 / 65 Pax Racing Carbon Reeds 2015 - 2022..
Brand: KTM Model: 46230049000
KTM 50 / 65 Intake Gasket 09-2022..
Brand: KTM Model: 46230050000
KTM 65 Intake Rubber Manifold 09-2021..
Brand: Mikuni Model: 46231001144
Stock OEM Replacement Carburator.Pax Racing also suggest the Pax Racing Seat Mount, Pax Racing Carburetor High Flow Intake, Pax Racing Carburetor Bog Buffel, Main Jet Kit for 24 mm Mikuni Carburetor and Pax Racing Needle...
Model: PAX-TM24/26-09
New TM 24mm carburetor with oval bore to a 24/26mm. This allows you to keep your low end with the 24mm and as the slide comes up towards the ovel (26mm) part of the bore you get more mid to top end.Year's - 2009-2020Jetting Installed - Main Jet 210, Pilot Jet 20, Needle 5NL13, Slide 3.0, Bog Bu..
Brand: Mikuni Model: PAX-KTM65-MCN13
KTM 65 Pax Racing Needle 13..
Brand: Dellorto Carburetor Model: D9779
Dellorto 19mm Bog Buffel helps prevent your bike from bogging when landing off a jump.Model's                      Year'sCobra                          2010+Husqvarna TC50  &n..
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