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Brand: Yamaha Model: 90280-03017-00
PW50 Woodruff Key - Ignition SidePart #90280-03017-00..
Brand: Hardline Model: HR-8067-2
Resettable timer and service modes that flash service messages at 5, 10 and 20 hours of operationReal time reading of Tach up to 20k rpm; records max rpmAlso keeps track of total time accumulatedKeeps track of important maintenance times for your machine including oil changes, valve adjustments, spa..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 3PT-85540-00-00
PW50 CDI Unit Years2001+Part #3PT-85540-00-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 3KJ-82310-12-00
PW50 Coil Years1998-2019Part #3KJ-82310-12-00..
PW50 Coil 2020+
Out of Stock
Brand: Yamaha Model: 4JP-82310-04-00
PW50 Coil 2020+2020 Supered2021+ StandardPart #4JP-82310-04-00..
PW50 Control Unit 2006+
Out of Stock
Brand: Yamaha Model: 5PG-85590-02-00
PW50 Control Unit 2006+Years                     Part #2022+            5PG-85590-02-00Older Year and Part numbers have been superseded to new part #2017               5PG-855..
Model: 210K405
PW50 Ignition system Complete for Racing fly wheel rotor 1.5 lbs lighter than stockAdjustable timing 10 degrees ignition curvePart #210K405..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-PW50-BSC-OPTION
PW50 Pax Racing Billet Stator Cover  Colors                     Part #Blue             PAX-PW50-BSC/B Black           PAX-PW50-BSC/BK ..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 3PT-85560-02-00
PW50 StatorPart #3PT-85560-02-00     Newest Part #3PT-85560-01-00      Old Part # 3PT-85560-00-00      Old Part #..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 5PG-82590-01-00
PW50 Wire Harness Assembly Years2006+2006-2012 SupersededPart #5PG-82590-01-00..
Spark Plug NGK BPR4HS
Brand: NGK Spark Plug Model: NG7823
Spark Plug NGK PW50 BPR4HS..
Spark Plug NGK BPR6HS
Model: NG7022
Spark Plug NGK BPR6HS ..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 5PG-82920-01-00
PW50 Throttle W/LeverPart #5PG-82920-01-00..
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