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Motor - Clutch

Motor - Clutch
YZ65 / YZ 85 Clutch Case Lever Seal 2018+
Brand: Yamaha Model: 93102-12224-00
YZ65 / YZ 85 Clutch Case Lever Seal Years 2018+Part #93102-12224-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: BR8-15461-00-00
YZ65 Clutch Cover Gasket - Inner Model       Years65cc            2018+85cc           2019+Part #BR8-15461-00-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 5PA-15463-00-00
YZ65 / YZ85 Clutch Cover Gasket - Outer Cover Model      Years65cc          2018+85cc         2019+Part #5PA-15463-00-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 93102-17263-00
YZ65 / YZ85 Kick Starter Seal Years2018+Part #93102-17263-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: BR8-26335-00-00
YZ65 Clutch Cable 2018+Years2018+Part #BR8-26335-00-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: BR8-16371-00-00
YZ65 Clutch HubYears 2018+Part #BR8-16371-00-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: BR8-W001G-00-00
YZ65 Clutch Kit OEMKit ContainsSteel, Fiber, Springs and GasketYears2018+Part #BR8-W001G-00-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 4ES-16321-00-00
YZ65 Clutch Plate - Fiber Requires 4 Years2018+Part #4ES-16321-00-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 3XP-16321-00-00
YZ65 Clutch Plate - Friction First or Last Plate  Requires 2Year 2018+Part #3XP-16321-00-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: BR8-16351-00-00
YZ65 Clutch Pressure PlateYears2018+Part #BR8-16351-00-00..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 90501-204A0-00
YZ65 Clutch Spring  Requires5Years2018+Part #90501-204A0-00..
Brand: Barnett Clutches Model: 401-90-078045
YZ65 Steel Clutch PlateRequires5Years2018+..
Model: 501-25-05043
YZ 65 / YZ85 Barnett Clutch Springs 2018-2022..
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