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Yamaha YZ85

Yamaha YZ85
Brand: Yamaha Model: 3XP-16321-00-00
YZ 65 Clutch Friction Plate - First or Last Plate - Requires 2 - 18-19..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 131-16324-00-00
YZ 65 Clutch Plate - Steel - Requires 5 - 2018-19..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 93450-16115-00
YZ 85 Piston CirClip - 2 Required - 2019..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 301-90-10018
YZ65 Clutch Friction Plate- Kevlar - 2018-2020 ( 6 Required )..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 401-90-078045
YZ65 Steel Clutch Plate ( 5 Required ) 2018-2020..
Brand: Barnett Clutches Model: 321-90-01002
CNC machined from tough billet aluminum. Patented stainless steel inserts prevent grooving of the basket where the clutch plate tabs make contact. Oil passage windows are also machined into the basket to increase oil flow to the clutch plates resulting in cooler operating temperatures and a longer c..
Model: PAX-HSD-37
All new for 2011, offering better mounting to the plastic fork guard with everyday common tools. The elongated groove is flawless in all types of conditions including mud. No aiming and hoping the pin locks into the ring like the competitor's systems, just compress the forks, push the pin, and it's ..
Brand: Keihin Carburetors Model: SD0190
Keihin PWK 28mm Pilot Jet Size - #40  Part# SD019007Size - #42  Part# SD019008Size - #45  Part# SD019009Size - #48  Part# SD019010Size - #50  Part# SD019011..
Brand: Keihin Carburetors Model: SD0191
Keihin PWK 28mm - Main Jet Sizes                Part# 115               SD019115 120       ..
Model: PX-BT-YZ / 51502091200
Pax Racing billet throttle is a complete billet assembly. Billet housing, billet tube, billet wheel. This throttle can be used from one bike to the next with just a cable insert when you switch bike models.For this throttle, it requires an aftermarket cable, which is included in the kit.&n..
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