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Intake / Carburetor / Air Filter

Intake / Carburetor / Air Filter
Model: D02522
KTM 50 Dellorto PHBG 19mm Carburetor 2009-2022..
Model: 45302091000
KTM 50 Throttle Cable 21 +..
Model: PAX-KTM50-AF
KTM 50 Pax Racing Air Filter 2009-2021..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KTM5065-PRK/15
KTM 50 / 65 Pax Racing Carbon Reeds 2015 - 2022..
Brand: KTM Model: 46230049000
KTM 50 / 65 Intake Gasket 09-2022..
Brand: KTM Model: 45230150000
KTM 50 Intake Manifold Boot 2009-2022..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-DEL-OB19/21-C
***KTM 50 Carburetor -19mm Oval Bored to 21mm - We take a brand new 19mm carburetor and machine just the top of the bore to a 21mm with this you are keeping the low-end and mid range of a 19mm but at the slide comes up to the top it is coming the top oval the oval bore and gaining more top..
Brand: Dellorto Carburetor Model: PAX-SPEC-KTM50
Dellorto Carburetor 19mm With Pax Racing Spec Jetting - With this carburetor jetting is will run clean all the way through the power, most Dellorto's have a very bad spuder during mid throttle and this is the fix.Model's               ..
Brand: Dellorto Carburetor Model: RCMU0102
Dellorto 19mm Carburetor Cable Cover Cap RubberModel's                      Year'sCobra                          2010+Husqvarna TC50       2017-2021Gas Gas MC50..
Brand: Dellorto Carburetor Model: RCMU0003
Dellorto Cable AdjusterModel's                      Year'sCobra                          2010+Husqvarna TC50       2017-2021Gas Gas MC50      &nb..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-DEL19-CAP-OPTION
Dellorto 19mm Pax Racing Billet Twist on Carburetor Cap helps to keep your cable / adjuster from striping in the stock plastic cap.Model's                      Year'sCobra                    &nbs..
Brand: Dellorto Carburetor Model: RCMU0046
Dellorto Top Cap /Screw Style On AluminumModel's                      Year'sCobra                           2016+Husqvarna TC50        2018+ Gas ..
Brand: Dellorto Carburetor Model: RCMU0307
Dellorto 19mm Top Cap Gasket - Twist On Cap 19/21mmModel's                      Year'sCobra                           2016+Husqvarna TC50        2018+ ..
Brand: Dellorto Carburetor Model: RCMU0004-OPTION
Dellorto 19mm Slide Spring  Model's                      Year'sCobra                          2010+Husqvarna TC50       2017+Gas Gas MC50    &nbs..
Brand: Dellorto Carburetor Model: RCMU0028
Dellorto 19mm Spring Retainer PlateModel's                      Year'sCobra                          2010+Husqvarna TC50       2017+Gas Gas MC50    &n..
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