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Handlebars / Controls

Brand: KTM Model: 47013025000
65cc Front / Rear Brake Line Master Banjo BoltModels                          YearsGas Gas          MC65     2021+Gas Gas        ..
Brand: KTM Model: 0770080019
50cc Between Two Rear Calipers 65cc / 85cc Clutch Line - Brake Front / Rear Brake Line Oring FormulaModels                          YearsGas Gas          MC50   &nbs..
Brand: KTM Model: 72002032000
65cc / 85cc Clutch Master Cylinder Plunger / Front Brake Master Cylinder PlungerModels                             YearsGas Gas          MC65         2021+..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KTM5065-217/8BTT/K
Pax Racing 7/8th Billet Throttle Tube for OEM throttle housing. This throttle is made from cnc'd aluminum for strength and allows you to be able to put standard grips not lock on style like OEM    Model                        &nbs..
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