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Intake / Carburetor / Air Filter

Intake / Carburetor / Air Filter
Brand: Yamaha Model: 3HK-13621-00-00
PW 50 Intake Gasket - Cases / Reed..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 3L5-13622-10-00
PW 50 Intake Gasket - Manifold / Reeds..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-PW50-BOIP-K
PW 50 Oil Plug (oil injection removal)..
Brand: Yamaha Model: PAX-PW50-5PTC
PW50 COMPLETE 5 PIECE THROTTLE CABLE*Used if you still have oil injection ..
PW50 Mikuni VM12mm Rebuild Kit
Brand: Mikuni Model: MK-VM12-85
PW50 Mikuni VM12mm Rebuild Kit for the stock OEM carburetor Year'sAllPart # MK-VM12-85..
Brand: Mikuni Model: PAX-PW50-19MC/K
PW50 Pax Racing 19mm Mikuni Carburetor Kit Years - All..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 5PG-14101-11-00
PW 50 Carburetor OEM..
Brand: Mikuni Model: N100.604
PW 50 Main Jet for stock OEM carburetorSizes Available - 62.5, 65, 67.5,70, 72.5*****Please choose size from drop down menu when ordering..
Brand: Mikuni Model: N100606
PW50 12mm Pilot Jet Sizes - 37.5, 42.5 Brand - MikuniStock Size Carburetor ..
Brand: Mikuni Model: 36R-1490J-00-00
PW50 Needle - Adjustable..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-PW50-AFS
PW 50 High Flow Stock Replacement Air Filter..
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