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Motor - Top End

Motor - Top End
Brand: Yamaha Model: 36R-11181-00-00
PW50 60cc Head Gasket ..
PW50 Namura Gasket Kit 1981-2021
Out of Stock
Model: NX-40055F
PW50 Namura Gasket Kit 1981-2021..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-PW50-BG012
"PW50 Pax Racing Base Gasket .012""..
NGK BPR4HS Spark Plug
Brand: NGK Spark Plug Model: NG7823
Spark Plug NGK PW50 BPR4HS..
Out of Stock
Brand: Pax Racing Model: JR070
PW50 .070 BASE GASKETThis will allow you to adjust the port heights  we have a service for $ 35.00 to cut the top of the cylinder..
PW50 Big Bore Kit
Out of Stock
Model: PAX-PW50-60K
This kit comes complete with the head reshaped, the cylinder bored to a 60cc, comes with a piston, rings, clips, bearings, head and base gasket.All parts in the kit are Yamaha OEM...
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-PW50-SSEB/K
PW50 Pax Racing Stainless Allen Engine Bolt Kit Contains - 21 Bolts -8 Engine Case Bolts, 3 Long Clutch Cover Bolts, 3 Short Clutch Cover Bolts, 3 Ignition Cover Bolts, 4 Intake Manifold BoltsMaterial - Stainless SteelBolt Head - Allen Socket ..
PW50 Big Bore 60cc Kit
Out of Stock
Brand: Yamaha Model: PW50-BBK/60
PW50 Big Bore 60cc Complete Kit..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: NX40005K
PW 50 Top End / Piston Kit - Coated - Std 39.96..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-PW50-PK50
PW 50 Pax Racing Piston Kit - 50cc..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 18U-11631-00-A0
PW 50 Piston - STD..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 260-11601-03-00
PW 50 Piston Ring Set (Std)..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 3L5-11633-00-00
PW 50 Piston Pin and also fits PW 50 big bore kit..
PW 50 Piston Needle Bearing
Out of Stock
Brand: Yamaha Model: 93310-210M0-00
PW 50 Piston Needle Bearing..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 93450-11021-00
PW 50 Piston Circlips..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 517-11181-01-00
PW 50 Head Gasket -STD..
Brand: Yamaha Model: 3PT-11351-00
PW 50 Base Gasket - OEM..
Model: PAX-PW50-BG018
"PW50 Pax Racing Base Gasket .018""..
Model: 4J2-11111-00-60
We machine and reshape to fit a 60cc piston.Must also purchase a cylinder. All OEM parts...
Model: 4J2-11311-01-00-60
PW50 cylinder bored to 60cc requires purchase of a head.All OEM parts...
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