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Pax Racing Billet Parts

Pax Racing Billet Parts
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KLX110-BCC-V
PAX Racing Billet Cam CoverColor - RED, BLUEYears - 2002-2009Model - KLX110****** Will not fit 2010-18 because there is not enough clearance between the decomp and the billet cam cover.  ..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KLX110-BOC-V
KLX110 Pax Racing Billet Oil Fill Cap Blue,Red..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: 040317-5B
Pax Racing Billet Throttle - Cable Roller W/Bearing - GP2/GP3This will only work with the Pax Racing Throttle ...
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KLX110-BSN
PAX Racing KLX110 / 110L Billet Aluminum Steering NutYears 2002-2021Model - KLX110 / KLX110LColor - Red or Blue..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KLX110-SL1-OPTION
KLX110 / 110L Pax Racing +1" Longer Shift LeverYears2005+ModelsKLX110 / KLX110LPart #                             Color       PAX-KLX110-SL1/B    Black/BluePAX-KLX110-SL1/R    Black/Red..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KLX110-BBS-OPTION
Pax Racing KLX110 Bump StartYears2010+ ****Will mount to 2009 and older but you have to use wire on the bike and ground it. Color                 Part #Red         PAX-KLX110-BBS/R Blue        PAX-KLX..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KLX110-WS/K
KLX110 Pax Racing Front / Rear Wheel Spacer KitColors - Blue, Black and Red Years - ALLModel's - KLX110L / non L Kit Contains - 2 Rear / 1 Front Wheel Spacer..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KLX110-BIC09-V
KLX110 Pax Racing Billet Ignition Cover - 02-09 Blue, Red..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KLX110-BSG-OPTION
KLX110 Pax Racing Sprocket Guard YearsAllModel AllColors                    Part #  Black            PAX-KLX110-BSG/K  Blue              PAX-KLX110-BS..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-KLX110-BTCS-V
Pax Racing Billet Tappet Cover SetColor Options - Red and BlueSet - 2 of the same ColorYear's 2002-2020..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-YZ-FPP/K
YZ Pax Racing Foot Pegs Pin Kit Kit Contains2 Pins, 2 Springs, 2 Cotter Pins, 2 Washers..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-FORM-FBRC-V
Pax Racing Billet Formula Front Brake Reservoir Cap Model'sCobra 50 2010-2017Marzocchi Pit Bike Front EndsColor               Part # Black          PAX-FORM-FBRC/KRed            PAX-FORM-FBR..
Brand: Pax Racing Model: PAX-FORM-RBRC-V
Pax Racing billet Formula rear brake cap gives your bike that factory look.             Model                                       Years Cobra 50 P3, Jr, SR FW..
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